What Marketing Means in Today’s Connected World

What Marketing Means in Today’s Connected World

Marketing yourself, your brand, or your product in today’s world couldn’t any be easier – or any more difficult.

It’s a complicated system that everyone is trying to figure out, but there are some key ways to make sure you don’t get lost in the crowd. The most important thing to remember is that the internet is the first place someone will look for your business. If you’re not online, then your customers will most likely pass you up for a competitor who is.

But, everyone knows that, right? That’s the easy part.

The hardest part is always getting seen. It’s making sure that when Bait & Tackle get’s Googled, your Bait & Tackle shop comes up first. I had a client asking if I could take some of the content from his old website and use it on the new one I was working on. Instinctively I Googled his company and tried to pull up the information. I saw that not only were they not on the top page of Google when searching for their company name, but their listing had almost no information besides the link itself. Customers want information quickly, and if they have to spend more than 3 seconds looking for your name, you are more likely to lose that potential customer.

Average Internet Attention Span (length of web visit)

Source: Client Traffic Data

This means that if you want to be seen, you need to be seen quickly. But, you also need to catch the user’s attention when they do see you. One thing that most clients assume will catch a web visitor’s attention is sponsored listings. I can’t say that they don’t drive traffic, but so many users have become aware of what these ads are that they skip right over it. This phenomenom is called “Ad Blindness”, and there is an entire generation that is afflicted by it.





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