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Business Analytics

Business Analytics

From start up Return on investments to Corporate Big Data Acquisition, Business analytics is a corner stone requirement for companies today. Tracking the trajectory of marketing campaigns or sales is necessary in determining what actions are key in driving revenue. TCBS offers concise analytics and executive dashboards created by a team of trained analysts. We understand the significance of data and data presentation in making smart decisions for your company.

IT Consulting

SMB Servers and Workstations

Information Technologies are required in every industry. The best way to maximize your effectiveness is to streamline the technology in your business. TCBS offers consulting services to ensure you are aware of best technologies available to your business. We also offer workstation and server building services if you need a specific hardware configuration, and software integration training for your staff.

Network Deployment

A bottleneck in your workflow can cause you to lose valuable time and resources. TCBS offers industry standard deployment options, utilizing best practices to ensure that your network is healthy.

App Development

UI/UX Consulting & Design

Similar to having a website, having an app for your business is the new requirement for companies in the digital age. Having an app can accelerate your business potential by providing a quick view of what your company has to offer. Developing your own app can also serve as a way to view your business performance on the go. A custom designed App will not only serve to refine your company image but also modernize your reach.

Graphic Design

Trade Show & Other Marketing Collateral
More than just websites and brochures, TCBS offers a full line of Graphic Design services. Our skilled team members have over 30 years of real-world experience, with client work reaching international markets.

We utilize the latest technology to deliver amazing results. Ours designers use the full range of Adobe products, including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and more. From web to print, we can create exactly what you need in any format required.

3D & Video

3D Graphics & Video

Interactive Media, like video and animation, are a great way to attract customer attention. Whether you want a video for your website, or a commercial or television, TCBS has highly skilled 3D and Video designers using the latest technology and software. We also have a network of talent, like actors, directors, and make-up artists that will give your production the blockbuster quality you desire.

CAD Drafting

We combine CAD Drafting and Graphic Design for poster, flyers, etc.
TCBS offers Computer Aided Design (CAD) Drafting services using the latest CAD software. Our team has experience in all forms of drafting, including structural details, production-ready drawings, and residential/commercial building designs, including basic HVAC and Electrical layouts. Combined with our Graphic Design and 3D/Video services, we have the ability to create a full presentation package for your customers.

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