New Clients

New Clients

We have a couple new clients I wanted to share. First one is a company that I’m directly involved in as co-founder: Hamilton Multimedia Group, Inc.

I’m very excited to share more information about this venture soon, but for now, follow us on Twitter or Facebook and stay tuned for big announcements.


Hamilton Multimedia Group - TCBS Client

The second client was just announced this weekend in Miami. I’m very excited to be working with them. The service is called 212-MyHaiti, and it’s a hotline for Haitians living abroad, or looking for some information back home. The website just went live this weekend, so check them out. There you can search for Consulates and Embassies around the world, find quick links to important initiatives like MHAVE (Ministry of Haitians Living Abroad) and C.I.N (National Identification Card Project). Oh, and the entire site is in English or French.
TCBS Client: 212-MyHaiti
Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for more updates soon!

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