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Timothy Cribb & Christa Hamilton - The TCBS Team Leaders

Timothy Cribb & Christa Hamilton - The TCBS Team Leaders

TCBS was founded because of the noticeable need in quality supplemental business services. We are here to streamline your processes and have the personal corporate experience to know what managers and owners are looking for. Allow a 3rd party team like TCBS to carry some or your businesses’ load by doing traditional in house work contractually and at your call. Our team has over 30 years combined experience in maximizing key parts of business strategy, including multimedia marketing and branding. We use the latest tools and equipment to enhance your message and drive a campaign that helps your stand out in the crowd.

Whether you are a brand new company or well established corporation, there are processes that can be completed while you focus on the longevity of your product or service. It's easy to get lost in the noise of today's marketing. To stay competitive, you have not only have to be louder, you also need to be precise in how you market your company or start-up. When you need help, TCBS is here to get your voice heard and your product seen.

A Multifaceted Team In Your Corner

TCBS is the premiere provider of Graphic Design, Web Design, Business Analytics, 3D & Video, and other key business services, located in the heart of West Palm Beach. With real-world experience in multiple industries, you can trust that TCBS is the right team to bring your ideas to life. Whether you are a small business owner with a retail location, or a home-office start up that needs that viral magic, we can help. Our team members have worked with clients in billion dollar industries with global presence and entrepreneurs trying to create an industry of their own.

For Start ups:

Starting a business is difficult, maintaining a business is harder. Let Timothy Cribb Business Solutions assist you from the beginning in setting and maintaining the infrastructure to operate at your best. While you are focusing on perfecting your product or service, we can supply the web design, IT setup and analytics to make your brand stand apart from the rest.

For Corporations:

Timothy Cribb Business Solutions contracts with corporations to offer on call services typical to full time staff. These service include Reporting, Training, Analytics and CAD drafting. Why hire full time staff when you contract temporary quality work at will. Use TCBS to supplement your daily staff and save on your bottom line

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